behind the computer

DataTech Concepts

founder & president

Bill Keller is DTC's president and a strategic database marketing veteran with over 20 years experience. he created the company back in 2001 to fulfill a need for an objective and impartial data resource.  Bill is a true  "data scientist" who bridges the worlds of marketing and data and turns information into action.  this means that he's fully involved in the strategy, the AI integration and marketing, and is also one of the people manipulating your data to ensure that it takes you where you need to go.  and having the benefit of knowing what's currently working in other industries brings a fresh perspective. that's a dramatic improvement over what in house resources, other database marketing companies or agency divisions can bring to the table.  his long term relationships with many clients' in house database marketing departments attests to that. he's extremely adept at proving why the "we're already doing everything" and "we've had our data looked at, there's nothing there" are merely starting points. he's worked extensively in B2B and B2C in virtually every industry and for every size company.  in his past, he ran the database marketing department for McCann Erickson and was also a head of their strategic services group.  before that he ran the analytics divisions of a large list brokerage and strategy shop and at a Y&R marketing and data consultancy. 

chief statistician
our chief analyst is the former chairman of statistics at Columbia University--an out of the box thinker who is able to produce the most effective ML/AI models, attitudinal and behavioral segmentation and statistical analysis available.  in fact, he wrote a key book on AI. he's taken on every statistical challenge he's come across and--through a variety of proprietary methods--he's beaten all comers with huge increases in ROI. he' ready when you are!

data architecture & dashboards 

oh yeah--we've got those areas covered! our lead data architect works very closely with the rest of us to bring together the disparate data silos into a centralized resource.  Then AI, automation, scoring models, dashboards, segmentation and much can feed off a complete customer view warehoused in the cloud. this data then feeds back into existing client systems - saving time and money without requiring additional software.  and we won't burden your IT department - not when our architect can make their jobs easier with a minimal amount of required IT time.