DataTech Concepts


  • reduced a for profit school's expenditures in one key area by 80% all while increasing conversions - not just rates. Then prioritized their calling lists and saw over 150% lift in start rate performance. Revamped email metrics to measure what was actually working and where it mattered - providing a wildly different view of success vs. traditional campaign metrics. Discovered missed opportunity area that when leveraged drove an additional 23% lift in starts. And that was just the beginning!

  • leveraged a retailer's site and store data to predict the next most likely purchase. featured a different item in each target group's email. open rates up by 450% and sales rates almost tripled 

  • changed the acquisition strategy for a retailer and actually increased CPA by over 210% - sounded bad until we showed that these customers were 1,310% more profitable than their average customer (on just the first purchase). we also reduced deal dependence by offering the minimum discount required to get each customer to purchase

  • created dynamic scoring models for an online university's inquiries:
    • saving millions of dollars vs. the "category leader's" data models
    • providing a 247% improvement in lift
    • 95% of all conversions come from just 10% of all leads
    • 20%-350% performance rate lifts while reducing costs in each effort to just 10% of prior attempts 

  • brought together a CPG company's transactional database, channel activity, social interaction, email open rates and subjects, CRM involvement, event attendance, primary and secondary research and media data to optimize all aspects of a company's marketing. results--too numerous to list--but cut acquisition costs by 29%, increased new customer value by 51% and existing customer sales rose by 11%. and when we reduced "spraying" across media, instead opting to target customers by channels--CTRs went way up. and oh--we ran out of one promotional offering because of an overwhelming response rate--whoops

  • for a weight loss client, we saved them almost $1MM per campaign vs. the model results from their existing large analytic ad agency

  • identified who was likely to leave a healthcare client and when. applied a cross channel approach and targeted messaging reduced customer churn by almost 34%

  • discovered that one of the largest chains of casual dining restaurants was gearing it's social and CRM campaigns around the most responsive customers. they were also their lowest value ones--losing money with every infrequent purchase. changed the strategy to focus on higher value customers ones and deliver what they wanted. result: increased campaign profitability by over 460% and finally got those pesky high value folks to join the loyalty program

  • reduced costs by over $730M through campaign analysis for a b2b player with a corresponding loss of just $17M in revenue. optimized communications with next most likely product for each segment and improved overall sales rates by 19%

  • changed another retailer's strategy to leverage the least expensive CRM channel that worked - for each individual customer. results - costs went up by 12% (digital wasn't always the answer) - and sales up  more than 2x. ROI? can't share that but we can tell you that they are still doing it.

And we have much, much more - but you get the picture