in the realm of big data the key insights are hidden within. finding out what really matters and how to use it is what we do. we join all of your available  sources of data, couple it with cutting edge external sources and tell you what's critical:  what's working, what's not, against which customers and prospects, and how to be more effective. and we do it in simple English--not jargon.  the days of testing a few offers against all customers and prospects to see which is the best are long gone. we remove the data silos so that you can make the right decisions and then see how well they work--across all channels and disciplines. 


think you're doing that now? if you have a report for the website activity, another for campaigns, one for each media channel and touch point and a separate one on financials--then you need us. if your CRM campaigns are conducted in just a few channels, then its guaranteed-- you're losing sales.  if your campaign reports tell you ROI, broken out by source and whether they worked or not--then you need us.  if you're an agency who wants better results for your client, a consultancy that wants to base more of your strategies on data or a client who wants a truly objective, channel agnostic, data driven take on your marketing effectiveness--we're your kind of people. 

understanding your customers

fully understanding your existing customer base is our first priority. most clients and their agencies skip this step.  they work towards your "average" customer since it makes things much easier--but not necessarily better.  do you really have one single customer base or different customers--each with a distinct value, unique combination of channel consumptions and interactions, and their own wants and needs? we bet it's the latter.  find out what you're missing and how we can help.


we base everything we say on data.  so we have to be experts.  we can make your data talk or sing if you prefer and bring a host of tools and resources to do it. we offer everything from reporting and measurement, on and offline, to advanced statistical analysis such as modeling, segmentation, media attribution, discrete choice analysis, campaign measurement and reporting.  but we don't want to put you to sleep so we'll skip the "big" laundry list.


think you need to redesign your database, campaign management system or other data sources before talking to us? think again. finding out what will ultimately matter most and doing that first, ensures that your systems will work for you--not fight against you.  and we can be your interim data-mart. we've helped many clients change both their staffing and data structures to be more efficient.

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